Such a simple word. Yet it evokes an immediate feeling. From anyone. From everyone.


When you are younger, it’s a fairly simple concept for most. It’s where you live. You go to school and then you go


As you grow, so does its meaning. The parents move. You move. It’s not just  a geographical location…but one tied with emotion.


The place where I feel comfort. At ease. But that’s not always true either is it? There are plenty of people who don’t feel comfort at all and they still call that place


Maybe it’s where I feel the most me. Or maybe it’s where I can go back to feel like the me I used to be. Which is comforting. Sometimes.


It’s becoming more complicated. Is it less about the feeling and more about the people?


Where family is. But family isn’t always where I am…and yet I can still feel at


Friends. Friend who feel like family. Or just feel safe. That’s it. Safety. Maybe safety is


But then it’s not a place at all. It’s back to a feeling. A sense. A sense of what? How do you describe a “sense of”


To me it meant one thing before and an entirely new thing now.


It’s not just the country. The state. The city. The house. The people. Those change. They always change. So what is the part that stays. Is there anything consistent about


It’s unbound. It can be anywhere. It can mean anything. Actually, when I really stop to think about it, the only consistency is


It’s me. I’m home. Where I am. Who I am. What I am. I’m home.


My life unfiltered

After travelling home for a conference and some personal leave, I’m just now settling back into my life here in Melbourne. I’ve realised that since I’ve been here I really haven’t shared a post about my every day. I think Facebook and instagram photos can be amazing snapshots into the highlights of our lives, but sometimes it’s just nice to see what everyday life is like. So here we go…Let me walk you through a day in the life 🙂

So wake up is anytime between 5:30am and 7 depending on whether I have to head to the hospital for testing or just go into Uni. This is my bedroom, somewhat straightened up  (because otherwise you wouldn’t see the furniture).


After a quick breakfast (yogurt and muesli), I head out front. There is a bus stop about 10 meters from my door so if I’m going to uni, I wait outside there.IMG_3271

This little card is my pass for any public transport in melbourne (bus, train or tram). It’s not cheap to ride the transport but it sure is convenient. It works out to be about $7.50 a day if you ride twice (typical commute).IMG_3022

The buses aren’t too bad, but melbourne winter + early morning buses still means its necessary to “rug up” (bundle up)!IMG_3031

The end point of the bus route is Footscray station. Relatively modernist in style for a train/bus stop, but the footscray area itself is still said to be “up and coming”…IMG_3032

This is on my walk to uni from the train. Always makes me laugh “real australians say welcome” IMG_3035

Pass by a lot of old style houses with this beautiful fencing. Most of the units will be torn down as buyers are purchasing for the land and not the leftover bricks sitting on top.IMG_3044

After a short stroll, I come up to my Uni. Not the prettiest from the outside, but not too shabby either.IMG_3049

The main street in front of campusIMG_3210

The centre yard of campusIMG_3051

The back end looks out on a horse racing course, which is quite lovely.IMG_3053

A better shot of the centre courtyard (deserted thanks to end of semester and winter break)IMG_3054

My office…I picked a window desk just to feel a little less like I’m in a box.  You can’t tell from this angle but I’ve got my double screen up as I can’t imagine having just one computer screen anymore. One of the guys has set up a goal area behind me…I’ve yet to have any success in my putt putt game…IMG_3055

I’ve not been in the lab as much at the moment with all the testing of actual patients I’ve been doing, but when I do have to run some blood samples, this is my setup in biochem.


So now I will backtrack back to the morning time. If I have patient testing, then I have to head out to the hospital in the western suburbs. For this I pop over to the train station near home (about a 10 minute walk).IMG_3118

This is the hospital where all my actual testing takes place. Amazing facility.IMG_3240

My little corner room for testing 🙂IMG_3241

So many windows make winter seem a little less coldIMG_3242

So after a long day at uni or the hospital, I head home usually by about 5-6, though if I’m teaching I won’t leave until 8:30pm. This is the last part of the walk home 🙂IMG_2892

The flatmates and I have just purchased new pillows and blankets to make the house just a bit more comfy 🙂IMG_3291

So there you have it…my typical weekday. Sometimes things can be a bit more exciting, but I guess in a lot of ways my days are like they would be anywhere else in the world. My weekends will sometimes have a bit more flare, like when I did a 3 day trip to Queensland…


Or when we did a day trip to the great ocean road…


But most weekends are a bit calmer….I wake up with a morning coffee


Venture out past the gardens

IMG_0803To go have a brunch at some new spot (seriously, I’ve been to at least 2-3 brunches a month since I’ve been here and still have so many left to try!).IMG_0811

Sometimes the afternoons/evenings include some shakespeare in the parkIMG_0253

And sometimes it’s a lunch on the deckIMG_1765

Having the gardens nearby makes marking exams a bit more fun (in spring, not so much in winter)IMG_0681I always play a key role in cooking up some dinner (a supervisory one obviously)IMG_2953

And sometimes I even venture into the cityIMG_5377

For drinks out with some crazy girls IMG_5380

So there you have it….My every day world in Australia. See, not quite as glamorous as you may have thought when you take off the social media filter. But this is my world, and I am loving it. CheersIMG_8790.jpg