Redefine Success

successWhile at times you may feel powerless, in reality you have unimaginable power within your own life. You determine your motivation, drive and self worth. You are both your own worst enemy and your best friend. Success and failure lie within your control. Let me explain…

Too often we measure our achievements, value and worth based on benchmarks set by the people around us. We see someone else passing a test, getting married and having kids and assume that our lack of those benchmarks make us failures. Your success should be defined by how you define it. There’s no prescription for a perfect life, and yet far too often we offer other people the answers to their life problems. With the best of intentions, we push our ideals and expectations into other people’s lives in an effort to help them reach their goals, not realizing that we are actually pushing them farther away.

We need to not be afraid to break the mold. We need to not be afraid to redefine what we consider success. Most importantly, we need to not be afraid to be proud of those achievements. Far too often we minimize goals because, in comparison, they seem to be “less than” those of the people around us. Why should that matter? If my next goal is to be able to do 10 pullups, it doesn’t matter if Jill next door can do 20 and Jack down the road can do 100. MY goal is 10. And I will be incredibly proud of myself when I reach that goal. And you will probably hear about it in great detail.

Confidence is the key. Without confidence, your chances of success are minimal. You don’t gain confidence by reaching for the unattainable goals. Success breeds success, so set a small goal and build on it. In a previous post I discussed the three goals concept ( . You want to always have three goals; a safety, a challenge, and a dream. One goal that you know you will hit, one that you can probably reach, but it will be challenging, and then the ideal dream goal. In this way, you redefine your standard of achievement and literally set yourself up for success.

Lift yourself up and watch others follow. If you want to help someone, just support them. Support their goals for themselves and don’t compare them to yours. You can be your own biggest hurdle, but you can also be your own greatest source of strength. Don’t stand in your own way and never stand in someone else’s.


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