Moving on

Moving is taxing. It’s always been one of my least favorite things to do. Some people enjoy the fresh start and clean slate that comes with purging half of one’s belongings, but for a self-proclaimed hoarder like myself, this concept has always been panic-attack worthy. With that stage set, you can maybe comprehend why the idea of moving not once, but THREE times in the next ten months is overwhelming me. I will move to a new apartment the end of May, move home to Iowa in December, and then for the coup de gras I depart for Australia early February 2015. That’s a lot of moving, a lot of donating, and a lot of stress.

You see, I love playbills, ticket stubs, and keychains…and most close friends also readily acknowledge and accept my growing collection of piggy banks. I still own clothes I’ve had since high school. I have so many clothes, in fact, that I rotate my closet seasonally as all of my wardrobe will not fit in my walk-in closet. I have more pairs of shoes than I can even count, yet I dutifully wear and rotate only 10 or so pairs, and I can’t fail to mention my massive sweatpant collection. Thank you Meredith College. Between Cornhuskin’ (don’t ask if you don’t know) and my basketball team I have at least 7 complete mementos–er I mean, sweat pant sets. All these without even mentioning my EXTENSIVE Meredith t-shirt collection…let the panic-attack commence…

The last couple of days I’ve found myself sitting silently in the apartment mentally listing off things I want to save and things I can finally let go of. I surprised myself with how much I was willing to categorize in the latter. Keepsakes I’d held onto since highschool had suddenly become less important- less crucial to my world moving forward. I suppose time does that a bit. Time gives perspective and value to what and who truly matters. I suddenly felt this rush of peace as I saw my “material world” shrink down to what I really valued. None of this is to say my mom’s car will be empty when she comes to drive some of my stuff back to Iowa this summer–no it will most assuredly be quite full (packed to the brim in fact), but for the first time I could imagine myself being able to pack my life up into a couple suitcases and move across the world.

I love my apartment. I love my comfy mattress, all my pictures, my giant TV and my huge closet, but when I think about what I really NEED, my list shrinks drastically. I’m lucky to have so many things I want and enjoy here, and I’m sure when I get to Oz I will fill my world right back up, but here I am figuring out how much I can do without…and for the first time (in forever- ha Frozen, love that movie) I can understand why people can find the process of moving on relaxing and cleansing.

Moving, if done correctly, helps you find the initiative to clear the baggage out of your life- both physical and emotional. Everyone has a pair of shoes and a friendship they keep “just in case,” and a move gives you a reason to reevaluate both. I’m excited to sift through my past and take what I need and leave the rest behind. The moves I’m making this year and next are for me, and while they are still stressful and anxiety ridden, I can’t wait to see where I end up.


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