Thankfullness (12-04-2013)

This year many of my friends did a facebook post a day for 30 days of “thankfullness” for Novemeber. While I enjoyed reading the posts, I noticed a common trend–They were thankful for family, friends, pets, a home, good food, etc. None of what they were thankful for was about themselves. Maybe they didn’t want to seem self-centered, maybe they consider it a “given,” and maybe it just slipped their mind, but all of your life happens around and because of YOUR existence. Last year I was involved in a “love your body” campaign at UNC Chapel Hill, and it reinforced the idea of being thankful for being me, just as I am. Of course I am thankful for all the traditional blessings, but I also recognize the value of just being.

I am thankful for my legs. The legs that didn’t fall apart after I failed to prepare for a gruesome 13.1 mile run 8 months ago. The legs that carry me around all day. The legs that effortlessly lift my body up stairs. My legs deserve a lot more credit than they get on a daily basis.
I am thankful for my lungs. They’ve faced some challenges with the asthma, allergies and intercostal tears, and yet they have never failed me. They overcome every obstacle, and continue to allow me to live exactly how I want.

I am thankful for my mind. Often overlooked, as discussed in a previous post, I was blessed to be born with an extensive capacity to learn. Not only that, I’ve continued to develop and challenge my mind, and it always rises to the occasion.

I am thankful for my heart. Yes, for sure I’m thankful for the physical beating organ that pumps oxygenated blood through my body, but I’m also thankful for the metaphorical heart that drives my passion and love. I’m thankful for the capacity to love. What a simple yet complex idea- to be thankful for the ability to love.

So this holiday season, as I listen to my Christmas carols and reflect back on the last 12 months, I will continue to be thankful for all the things and people in my life, but I will also always be thankful for myself and my being. No, not in a selfish “I’m better than everything and everyone I have” kind of way. Just in a “I am blessed to even be here” kind of way. So while you practice thankfullness through the holidays, just remember to respect, value, and give thanks for your body, mind and soul. It is truly the biggest blessing.


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