“Logical” Excuses

Today before my run I played a little game called list all the reasons why I can’t run today. And let me tell you, I came up with quite the list! See, I had told myself that today would be the day I hit five miles. Come hell or high water (ie running or walking), I WOULD get to five miles. So as 4:15 (aka quitting time) rolled nearer, I saw some clouds appear and thought hmm, if it rains I can’t really go running- And as soon as I let that one little innocent thought creep in, the list began.

My legs hurt.

The humidity is awful today.

I did just run four miles two days ago.

I’ll be away this weekend anyway.

My legs HURT!

You know it’s bad when you are sitting there making that list just hoping you stumble across a reason you could legitimize. Yeah, today was one of those days. I could either pull myself together and push through, or give my body some more well-deserved rest. So what did I do? I pushed through. Sure I could have gone with a reason on my list, and found some great back-story as to why I chose to rest and honestly, that wouldn’t have been the worst thing in the world. But today was different. I’ve had my goal in mind for today for a week now. Today was the day I would hit five miles, and I did not want to let myself down.

Did I run the whole thing continuously? No…not even close. Did I look beautiful and elegant? No. Picture an older person with a walker running from a bear at a hobbly 5 mile and hour pace….can you see it? Now take away the walker and that was me. BUT, I did it.

Today’s small victory was follow-through. I’m a procrastinator at heart. Everything should be done tomorrow. That was my motto (and still is occasionally). But today I pushed past that, or crawled past it rather….but nevertheless, find your sticking point. Listen for that negative self talk….seek out those excuses and push past them. We all make lists, and I can reason my way out of things with the best of them (all the reasons are logical after all), but let me tell you nothing beats that feeling of follow-through. 🙂


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