Let go (8-27-2013)

Hello blogging world, or, in all likelihood, empty webspace I am writing to myself through. I never thought I’d be the blogging type, but I’ve actually had several posts running through my mind for a while and finally decided to let go and go for it. “Let go? What does she mean by that”–Glad you asked. You see I always thought blogging was about how many readers you could amass. I thought it was about having some truly AMAZING story to share. My greatest fear with starting a blog has always been that no one would read it, but then I realized that fear was holding me back. Blogging isn’t about how many people might see my words. It’s not about “reaching” everyone out there with my unparallelled wisdom. This blog is about me and my journey. And much like the fears in my life that I have to let go of, today I let go of my fear of insignificance. Whether 100 people read this post, or it’s just for myself, this is my next step in my journey–accountability.

I have an MA in Exercise Physiology, but I don’t even pretend to think this makes me an expert on ALL things exercise. It does, however, help you understand my fascination with all things healthy living. No, I don’t only eat protein powder, I’m not vegetarian, and I don’t drink all my “perfectly timed” meals. I AM, however, fresh out of student life and am trying to figure out how to balance it all-work, nutrition, exercise, and, you know, people.

So today I leave you with this quote from the daughter of one of the best voices in classic country music-Rosanne Cash.

“The key to change….is to let go of fear.”

There ya have it folks–Let go today. Try something new and challenge yourself to start the process of change. I fail at it sometimes (or a lot of times), but I’m still trying. And in the end, that’s what counts.


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