Just do it (10-02-2013)

Today I will take a page from Nike’s book and run under the principle of “just do it.” I’ve been on hiatus for a bit due to an injury and then a sickness, and I come back refreshed to….a whole new MONTH! The normal Mary is jumping up and down with excitement for the beginning of fall, and the half marathon Mary is panicking.

I am under three weeks out from my half marathon date. Again I find myself in the place of less than ideal preparation, however, this time is miles (ha) ahead of last time. My pace has slowed and my body has become used to the feeling of greater than four miles of pounding. I wouldn’t say I’m accustomed to the greater than 6 (which scares me a little), but I still have time. For better or worse though, this time I know what the mileage feels like. I know the aches and pains that come with pushing myself past just 5 miles.

I’m not setting goals for today. Today I’m just going to go out and do it. Do whatever my body can handle. This week is my week to push it. I want to push this week to my max mileage pre race, and then amp up my baby runs next week before my race. This race isn’t about time. I feel I should be able to be faster because I’ve trained, but honestly, I’d be happy running the whole thing continuous even if it meant a slower pace. I’d be happy for 11 continuous, or even 9.

Bottom line, today and three weeks from now I know I will push myself to my limit. You can’t get any better than that. So I will be content with whatever distance my body stops me at for today. Today I will just do it.


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