Is your grass green? (9-12-2013)

“I can’t wait until…”

“I wish it were…”

“Finally, it’s almost…”

Why do we wish away the present in anticipation of what’s to come? It’s the proverbial issue of the grass always being greener on the other side. It has to be, right? I mean, everyone knows tomorrow is better than today, fall is better than summer, and summer is better than spring. We all have our opinions on which grass is greener and the only common theme really is that everyone’s choice is almost always what we don’t (or can’t) have.

I am just as guilty of anyone. I have trouble living in the moment due to a healthy (or unhealthy) dose of procrastination mixed with anticipation. Big tasks always seem much more manageable tomorrow, and I always “can’t wait” for the fall and 60 degree weather when it’s a90 degree summer day. But maybe all of it is just going back to the grass being greener wherever we aren’t. I do remember  praying for the cold bite of winter to pass so I could swap my sweatshirt for a swimsuit, and yet, here I am wishing for the cool air so I can bring out my scarf collection again. Perhaps this is more a longing for change and a fresh start than an overall disdain for our current predicament.

When I think about it, I mean really think about it, I had a good summer. I found time for work, fun, friends, family and the like. So it’s not really that I want summer to be  over as I wish for fall, as much as it’s I want the new slate that comes with the changing of the leaves. For some reason there is something refreshing that happens when I switch out my summer beach candles for a cinnamon smell. I feel like a new person as I trade my tshirts for sweaters, and boy do my lungs prefer cool crisp air to the humid sauna they’ve suffered through. The changing of seasons always makes me feel like a new person–like anything is possible.

And yet still, the grass might not be greener in the fall (if we get technical here–it’ll get browner). So while I am truly looking forward to all the wonderful memories that fall brings with it, I think this week and weekend (And TODAY!) I am going to focus on the present. ‘Cause let me tell you, all in all, my grass is pretty green right now, and I imagine if you truly take a moment to count your blessings, you’ll realize the same is true for yourself.


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