I think I…..(9-03-2013)

When a new challenge comes your way, do you think you can or think you can’t? There’s this quote out there: Whether you think you can or think you can’t, you are usually right”- Henry Ford. I’d go even farther and say that you are always right. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m not calling us weak–physically, emotionally, spiritually we may be ABLE to handle things, but our mind plays such an active role in our outcomes that if you think you can’t, that attitude will in fact shape your result.

Case in point–if you had asked me before this weekend if I could ride 28 miles on a cycle in one day, I’d have laughed, smiled, and made some coy remark along the lines of “sure right after I bench 300lbs.” But sure enough, that’s exactly what I accomplished sunday. Thankfully, the mastermind of the million mile (er-I mean 28 mile) ride  (my father) correctly chose not to disclose the exact mileage to me before we saddled up. Rather, he simply gave me a destination “there’s this nice lake a few miles down the road,” and an out “but if at any point you need to turn around we will.”


Say no more sir, because if I have a destination in mind and a challenge before me, there’s no way I’m turning back. Without knowing any more details, racing in my mind were four simple words “I think I can.”

I’d like to say the 28 miles were a breeze…that no part of me thought of placing a distress call for a bike pickup via my mother and her jeep….But hey, I’m human. I haven’t ridden a bike in quite a while, and never even half the distance that I completed saturday. My bum was hurting more than my legs for most of it (no worries guys, my legs caught up), but in my mind I’d already decided that I could. That was the key. Even when we reached the lake and I knew exactly how far back it was, I knew I could, so it never even crossed my mind that I couldn’t.

So much of everything we strive for can be accomplished with a positive outlook. This weekend I was amazed at my body’s ability to adapt. I’ve never been a cyclist (if I were I’d have had cushy pants and solved the sore bum thing right away), but my body surprised me and overcame the challenge. So stop doubting yourselves. Walk that mile, run that 5k and go into something new with positive affirmations. I’m telling you, the little engine that could knew what he was talking about….

I think I can, I think I can, I think I can….


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