I get by with a little help (9-18-2013)

Yesterday was a big milestone for me. I set out with my three goals(see previous post about how I set my goals- http://timetobegin.blog.com/2013/09/13/):

1. 5miles continuous (safety)

2. 6 miles continuous (challenge)

3. 7 miles total (dream goal)

Seven miles was a dream because it would add two miles onto my farthest run to date, and I am proud to say I hit both my safety and my dream goal! 🙂 Heck, I would’ve hit my challenge to if I hadn’t found a friend along my run.

Yesterday was such an encouragement to me. I knew my goals, but I wasn’t highly motivated to get out there and do it. So a friend stepped in. She listed all the reasons I should go and ended with “and if nothing else, I’m counting on you.” Welp, there it is. Now I HAVE to go. And boy did I.

I set out on my run feeling pretty good. I finally hit my stride around 30-40 minutes in. Still, by the time I hit five miles I told myself I’d stop at 6. Just then, I ran into a different friend. Slightly disappointed that I had to pause my ruin and ruin my “continuousness,” I was still happy to have a moment to catch up. Rather than using the stop as my excuse to head home however, I used it as my reason to push farther and hit my seventh mile. It wasn’t easy–in fact, it was my hardest run to date by far, but it felt good.

I took my time walking back home as a cool down, and as if the encouragement I’d received thus far wasn’t enough, I ran into two more friends as I reached my apartment who congratulated me on the run they knew I had completed just moments before.

So today, this post is dedicated to my friends who encourage, push and motivate me everyday (either knowingly or unknowingly). It was a great reminder how just a small gesture of compassion and encouragement can truly change someone’s day. Yesterday those small gestures got me to my dream goal. Without even knowing it, my friends helped make yesterday a milestone for me. I sure hope I can return the favor someday. 🙂


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