World Peace…

I don’t consider myself to be an “aggressive” driver, but nor am I to be qualified as a “passive” driver. I feel I lie in the healthy gray area between the two. I stay within about 7mph of the speed limit, and neither rain nor snow turns my vehicle into an unmanned skid machine with a raving lunatic behind the wheel. I enjoy driving down the wide open highway, and like most people, despise seeing red lights of any form in the distance. For all the dangers and inconveniences that one can encounter on the road however, I find the one that feeds my fire the most is incompetent drivers.

I’ve been that teenager driving down the road chatting away absentmindedly on the phone, while putting on makeup, while changing the radio, while eating my sandwich, while trying to see the GPS, while…well, you get the point. I’ve been that student that snoozed through two alarms, woke up 10minutes after class started, only to miss the bus and drive with rocket jets strapped to the car to get to school. In this instance I guess life experience is really crucial, because now I look at those drivers and can’t help but think “you are literally going to kill someone.”

On my way home from work yesterday no less than THREE cars merged into my lane, and would have merged into ME had it not been for my acute awareness of their lane drifting. Thank God for wide roads. As my horn alerted the absentminded drivers to my presence, they thankfully all shifted back. I quickly sped ahead, taking note that not one, not two, but all three drivers were in fact, on their handheld cellphones. Wow.

Just an hour later, as I was pulling into a store for some retail therapy, my little survivor of a Hyundai was almost struck again. A driver failed to realize that incoming traffic had no stop sign and, disregarding their own, missed my car by mere feet. Giving them my now mastered “are you blind” staredown, I realized I could not really see their face past the sandwich and phone they were juggling. This time I didn’t just think it, I said aloud (yes I traffic talk riding solo in my car) YOU ARE GOING TO KILL SOMEONE.

People talk about wanting world peace (it’s even the running joke on one of my chick flick favorites, Miss Congeniality), and yes, of course I think world peace would be fantastic, but you know what? I think I’d prefer mandatory world driving refresher courses. In fact, I think it could be argued that the required driving refresher courses could in fact bring about world peace. It would certainly bring peace to my life. Be smart, be safe, and for life’s sake (literally), when you hop in a car, just DRIVE. Nothing else matters more than your undivided attention when you are behind the wheel.



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